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Friday, July 22, 2005

World Religions Collapse as Atheist Documentary Shatters Box-Office Records

Fri, Jul 22, 2005

Tew York, New York
Special to The Raving Atheist

Predicted to rake in more than $17 billion in receipts by the end of its New York run tomorrow night at the 59E59 St. Theatre, the atheist documentary The God Who Wasn’t There has forced religious leaders and believers worldwide to renounce their faith and immediately dissolve their churches, synagogues, Mosques and Covens.

Propelled by a recent review in Newsweek, the film by ex-fundamentalist Brian Flemming had by its opening day already eclipsed the estimated $611 million take of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Unlike The Passion, TGWWT does not celebrate Jesus but compares him to psychopath Charles Manson and exposes him as simply as another in a long series of mythical, sacrificed savior-Gods that most early pagans quickly rejected as frauds. Modern Christians are not portrayed as spiritually and intellectually-deep seekers of eternal truth, but as gullible, brainwashed, unreflective dupes woefully ignorant of the history, context and precepts of their dimwitted, incoherent superstition. Even liberal and moderate Christianity is dismissed as nonsensical double-talk lacking the courage of its half-hearted convictions.

On Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI, Pat Robertson and other religious figureheads are scheduled to hold a press conference to concede that adherence to their alternatively comforting/terror-inducing God-fictions has been rendered futile by the onslaught of TGWWT’s atheistic truth. “It violates human dignity for me to continue to insist that I am the Vicar on Earth of some non-existent Dionysis-clone,” said the Pope. Mel Gibson has announced plans to withdraw The Passion from circulation, offering complete refunds and admitting that he was insane to release a film glorifying suffering, vengeance and undeserved collective guilt. Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Wiccan leaders who have screened the film have reported “surprise” at how closely their own beliefs mirror the clumsy fairy tales of Christianity and vowed to encourage their followers to study science instead.

The success of Flemming’s godless blockbluster is widely attributed to its special effects. They include digitally-recorded video interviews with intelligent, knowledgeable experts talking sensibly about the idiocy and perils of religion -- as well as confrontations with believers which abandon the assumption that people should respect every utterance anyone spouts about God. The technology is considered superior to that used in prior depictions of religion, which attempted to portray faith as something “deep” and “mysterious” by piping in organ music over dimly-lit scenes of cud-chewing worshippers babbling piously in pews as sunlight streamed through stained-glass windows.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

BTK killer blames 'demon' for murders
7/8/2005 3:51 AM

WICHITA (AP) - Confessed BTK serial killer Dennis Rader made his first public apology for the murders that horrified a community for a quarter-century, blaming a ''demon'' that got inside him at a young age.

"I have a lot of remorse. I'm very sorry for them. It is something I wouldn't want to happen to my family," he told KAKE-TV. The interview was conducted Saturday; some of it was aired Wednesday night with additional portions to air Thursday.

Rader, who pleaded guilty last week to 10 first-degree murders in the Wichita area from 1974 to 1991, nicknamed himself BTK, for "Bind, Torture, Kill," as he taunted media and police with cryptic messages about the crimes. He faces sentencing Aug. 17.

"I just know it's a dark side of me. It kind of controls me. I personally think it's a - and I know it is not very Christian - but I actually think it's a demon that's within me. ... At some point and time it entered me when I was very young," said Rader, who was once president of his Lutheran church.

Rader, 60, said his problems began in grade school, with his sexual fantasies that were "just a little bit weirder" than other people's.

"Somewhere along the line, someone had to pick something up from me somewhere that there was a problem," he said. "They should have identified it."

Rader said he felt for Dale Fox when he saw him cry on television while talking about the 1977 strangulation of Fox's daughter Nancy - a crime Rader has admitted - and said his own relatives also suffer.

"I am going to pay for it with a life sentence. The final victims are my ... family," he said.

Rader told the court last week that sexual fantasies drove him to kill. He told KAKE he was "totally unprepared" for the court's request for details of the crimes.

"I just wanted to get the facts out as quick as I could, try to not get too emotionally involved," he said.

On Thursday, the family of Vicki Wegerle, who was killed in 1986, filed a civil lawsuit seeking unspecified damages against Rader - the second such action. A wrongful death suit was filed last week by the family of Marine Hedge, who was slain in 1985; that lawsuit is seeking more than $150,000 in damages.

Zionists finally strike London

Colin Deane – July 7, 2005

The near simultaneous explosions that rocked London today look more like the handiwork of the Zionist, British intelligence services rather than the phantom terrorist network, Al-Qaeda.

Just like the attacks on the world trade centre, such a well planned and executed operation could not have been the work of a highly decentralised terrorist network. Such an attack would have taken considerable technical expertise and large scale planning and communications.

Even the slightest mistake by the alleged perpetrators would have alerted the security services and every means at their considerable disposal would have been employed to foil the operation (Successfully). E-mails and phone calls would have been intercepted. Secret service agents in conjunction with London's four and a half million CCTV cameras would have followed the suspects and tracked their every move.

The average member of the British public appears on CCTV three hundred times a day. Radical Islamic groups in particular are subject to near constant surveillance by the intelligence services and the planning of such an event would have been discovered long before its planned execution.

Even the IRA never managed to execute such a complex terrorist attack on British soil. Not to mention the fact that MI5 later admitted that it was members of the intelligence services that planned and executed the majority of terrorist attacks on British soil that were blamed on the IRA at the time.

Coming at a time when world leaders are meeting at Gleneagles for a G8 meeting, less than twenty four hours after the 2012 Olympics was awarded to London and on the 60th anniversary of the end of the second world war, the timing couldn't have been better. What a perfect opportunity for the globalists to launch their latest assault against an unsuspecting public.

It was only a matter of time until London such as New York, Madrid and Bali was attacked. The only question was 'when'? It had seemed as though America's main ally in the Iraq war was long overdue for a staged terrorist attack. The globalists simply had to wait for the right time to strike.

In typical 'false flag terror attack' style, the mainstream media claimed that a group calling itself the 'Al-Qaeda Organization in Europe' had accepted responsibility for the attacks; an organization that no one has heard of before! No doubt fox news, the BBC and all the other Zionist controlled media establishments will be churning out the same recorded feed of carnage for the next few days, occasionally interspersed with images of Osama Bin Laden firing an AK-47.

Despite the level of control exercised over the media by elite, it is the mainstream media that provides the biggest clues to governmental prior knowledge and the resulting cover-up.

Original press reports claimed that the Israeli minister, Binyamin Netanyahu had been warned an hour before the first explosion and as a result remained in his hotel room.

Here's an excerpt from the Israel national news:

"The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address an economic summit."

The slip-up was realized and since then several media establishments, including sky news and the associated press, hurriedly edited the articles.

The attacks came at a time when the British government is trying to foist a biometric ID card on the general public. What better excuse is needed to further this agenda than a shocking 'terrorist' attack directly on British soil.

"Order Out Of Chaos"

It now looks as though the government will have little resistance to the latest step in pushing the public towards a high tech police state. The popular backbench revolt that so worried Blair now looks as though it will lose its momentum in the face of such a tragedy.

Tony Blair will use the fateful day of the 7th of July 2005 as swift and expedient political capital to push through a whole range of draconian measures, possibly to bolster the case to invade Iran and Syria and all at the expense of the dead and the maimed.

Don't listen to claims by the Zionist controlled mainstream media that this was the work of organizations linked to Al-Qaeda. Don't listen to any such organizations that are quick to claim responsibility. There is no doubt that this was the work of the minions employed by the dark and subversive secret-government, often referred to as the illuminati.

The ultimate aim of this outrage, just like WTC attacks, is to scare the public into submission; to scare the public into parting with basic civil liberties and to bring us all into one world government.

Little can explain the true nature of the London bombings more accurately than the words of Britain's most senior police officer, Sir Ian Blair, given in a press conference later in the day:

"While it is a confused situation - it must be a confused situation with multiple sites like this - coordinated effort is slowly bringing order out of the chaos."

Dark days indeed.

‘I acted in God’s name’

By Tal Rosner

Ultra-Orthodox man charged with three counts of attempted murder over Jerusalem gay parade stabbing

JERUSALEM – An ultra-Orthodox man suspected of stabbing three people during Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade last week says he acted in God’s name.

“I came to murder on behalf of God. We can’t have such abomination in the country,” Yishai Shlisel said during his interrogation.

On Tuesday, Shlisel was indicted on three counts of attempted murder at the Jerusalem District Court.

According to the indictment, Shlisel purchased an 18-centimeter (approximately 7 inches) knife in preparation for the attack. During the parade, he stabbed three people, two 18-year-olds and one 50-year-old man. [...]

Comment: (from Signs of the Times) - While we would all like to think that such acts are the domain of extreme right wing orthodox Jews, the truth is that many members of Sharon's Likud party, not to mention the extremem right-wing Pro_Israeli Washington NeoCons, are possessed by the belief that they too are doing the work of some sort of "god". While they many be aware that the Old and New Testaments are mostly ficticious, that does not rule out the possibility that they too worship a "god," in their own way, perhaps even the "god" that was the inspiration for most of the world's religious texts.

Not in my Bible

Hi all,

I've been away from ther blogosphere for a while for various reasons, but I'm finding a bit more time these days to devote to my computer. So, let's start by introducing you am interesting blog I discovered this afternoon. The name peaked my interest right off the bat...

Not in my Bible

That begins with an excellent quote from Sinclair Lewis:

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross."

Boy, ain't that the truth! America's slide into fascism, bolstered in large part by the willingness of the rabid Christian right to play obediant flock to shepherd Bush, seems to becoming more apparant each and every day.

Then the blog has this to say...

This must be how decent Germans felt during the 1930s as they watched a cancer devour their country.

Indeed! But how many ordinary citizens in Hitler's Germany were unable to see the doors of fascism close until it was way too late? In a way, it was the regular German people who were unable at the time to SEE THE SIGNS, who allowed Hitler to take and maintain power, who must share some responsibility for his horrific crimes. Thus, the same thing can now be said of ordinary American citizens, who prefering creature comfort over learning the truth, who ignore or dismiss the reality of their government's crimes, also must share some responsibility for the carnage in Iraq and elsewhere.

This blogger who goes by the name of ChristianLibrul from Nashville, Tennessee, posts some interesting commentary from time to time, however, not being a fan of guns myself, I don't share many of his views in that regard.

However, it is refreshing to see that there are still some Christians out there who are beginning to see what the Bush Reich is planning, and blogs like Not in my Bible are testament to that.