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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where truth is the enemy – but only to government

Ed Lewis
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Never in his wildest imagination did the writer ever think that America would become the leading source of evil worldwide. He was indoctrinated. He thought that evil only came from other countries headed by tyrants and those that had little or no concern for the human species.

What a shock it was to begin discovering the true nature of America – at least as reflected by the government – in 1995, as the writer studied the knowledge unfolding before him. As research went on, he screamed to himself that what he was finding couldn’t be true. There must be some group that is putting all this crap out, that America is still good and pure. The writer thus fought against what evidence was forcing him to come to believe. He wanted America to still be the home of truth, justice, and righteousness.

Finally, especially after getting on the Internet in 1997 and spending thousands of hours in study over the next eight years and up to the present, he had to accept the truth – that America is no longer good and pure, that it no more protects truth, justice, or righteousness than Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, or Israel’s Sharon does in the recent past and present.

For example, the US allegedly in the name of America and freedom bombed Afghanistan back to the Stone Age. During the attack on the people of Afghanistan, thousands were killed and/or maimed for life. Property was destroyed to the tune of millions, perhaps billions.

The attack on these people continues to the present, with many thousands more killed and/or maimed, and continued destruction of both private and public property. There is, at this time, no end in sight. At this date, it seems that few Americans care and many do not even know the killing in Afghanistan is still going on.

Why was the nearly defenseless land attacked by the might of the US Military, which might be more aptly described as mercenaries under the control of fascists – the marriage between government and corporations?

Had the Afghani people attacked America or were they in an eminent attack mode against America? NO. In fact, Afghanistan had neither the arms nor an army capable of attacking America or to hold a serious threat against America or even its neighbors in the Middle East.

You know, People, we must realize that even if a country has terrorists does not mean that the people making up the country are responsible for the actions of a few. Besides, what is a terrorist to one is a freedom fighter to another.

Again, consider that if a criminal hid out in your town or city, do law enforcers have the right to bomb your town or city back to the Stone Age, wiping out people and property in the process to find an alleged criminal? Would you not consider this as a horrible despicable act?

Furthermore, there is a process known as a Letter of Marque or Reprisal, the former on the high seas and the latter for searching for the culprit(s) hiding out within a country. The U.S. through a Letter of Reprisal could obtain permission from the government to hunt for an alleged criminal. That is the lawful way.

The truth is that the Taliban offered to turn over bin Laden if the US Government could show proof that bin Laden was involved in 9-11. Of course, the government did not, as it still cannot prove or even discuss that bin Laden was involved.

What was done was therefore unlawful, an act of treason by the most of the federal government, and it was and is an abomination to mankind that it happened and continues. The US Military acted and still acts as a huge terrorist group used to change the government of another land.

Everything done to Afghanistan was based on lies and acts of treason. Truth did not matter, such as bin Laden not having anything to do with 9-11 or any other State-sponsored terrorism within the boundaries of America or that he was a Saudi not an Afghani.

What the lies and illegal acts against the Afghani accomplished was that Unocal’s pipeline was built, the pipeline refused by the governing body of Afghanistan, and three US Military bases were established in Afghanistan, all three in position to protect Unocal’s pipeline. Also, Afghanistan’s poppy fields were put back into full production for world dispersal by the US Government’s drug-dealing CIA.

Then, the US Government slime ball psycho controllers decided to carry out the attack against Iraq that had been in the planning for at least several years. Although Iraqi defenses had been reduced to nearly no defense, the US slime buckets bombed and bombed innocent people and their cities, leveled farms that had been in production for hundreds of years in some cases, and just generally acted as the thugs the US Military has become.

About a million and a half Iraqis had been killed by the US sanctions against Iraq from 1991 to 2003. Roughly 4500 children died per month during this time because of polluted waters, lack of medication, and other causes created by the most ruthless government on Earth, excepting maybe Israel’s.

Madmen that are psychopaths are guiding the actions of America. They have no concern over human kind outside their own immediate circles. They are ruthless murderers and war criminals of the highest order (or the lowest since most would need a ladder to kiss a snake’s belly), even higher than that Hitler is given credit for (mistakenly the writer is finding out from actual verifiable documentation).

The gory details of US Military actions are all over the Internet. One has only to face the gore and the truth that will never be exposed by Zionist controlled mainstream media outlets. And, trust the writer – it is gory, as one looks at videos or pictures of children blown apart, women with their heads blown apart, and all ages of men – unarmed, of course – that have suffered multiple wounds, many in execution style – hands tied behind their backs with bullet entry wounds in the backs of their heads. The anguish these people suffer is mind numbing and cause for much anguish within the writer, that Americans – and professed Christians – could treat people and allow people to be treated so ruthlessly.

But, what happens to those that attempt to show the awful mutilations and actions by the military? Many have been killed, or are hiding out, as it seems to be the standing order that any reporter exposing the truth will be bombed or shot to death. Or, they are perhaps “captured” and tortured to death. Usually, the capture and torture is by CIA assets and not by any people not controlled by the US or Israel’s government.

Falsehoods fill the airways and the printed media, as the path is cleared for the political State of Israel to control not only the Middle East but also the actions of the US Government here at home. Thinking that this is not so is only an admission of one’s reluctance to seek and accept the truth. Even Sharon has said that America controls the world but that Israel controls America – or words to that effect.

Take the holocaust, a creation of Zionist so-called Jews for the advancement of Zionist Jew supremacy. Far too many researchers have found the truth, that Hitler did not slaughter six million Jews, that in fact none were intentionally slaughtered, although many did die from malnutrition and illnesses in the latter part of the war.

This is no to debate this as the first time six million Jews were allegedly slaughtered was during WW I (reported in 1919 by a New York former Governor, Martin H. Glenn, in a piece titled “The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop”, published in The American Hebrew October 31, 1919, pg. 582). In the article, Glenn mentioned six million Jews slaughtered no less than six times. This was 20 years before the start of WW II and 14 before the rise of Hitler.

The fact is that the Germans treated Jews very well and actually gave them safe haven from other countries according to Benjamin Freedman, formerly a very high Jew that was an insider to all that happened. But, of course, this does not meet the agenda of holocaust pushers and therefore is wiped from history books and most other sources.

If you care about truth, search for holocaust revisionists and then wonder why Israel and its Zionist so-called Jews want every revisionist shut up and imprisoned. While studying or watching videos, ask yourself this – why hide the truth if the truth is in the favor of the holocaust, that it was factual?

Think about who would want to hide truth – those accused of falsehoods or those that instigated the search for the truth? In other words, if the holocaust were not a hoax, would not the Zionist so-called Jews want full investigation in order to support their claims? As always, also consider cui bono, or who benefits.

Just as a hint, there were less that 500,000 Jews living in Germany in the late 1930s, with only 15 million worldwide according to Jewish statistics. After the end of WW II, I think 1946 or 1948, there were 15 million Jews worldwide. Interesting but not conclusive.

The fact is that the same actions taken against Germany are quite similar to those taken against America by its own government, while it was Russian Zionists that carried out the acts of terrorism against Germans and Jews while wearing German uniforms. Some things never change and this includes what are known as “false flag” black operations.

At any rate, here we are – American men and women in lands thoroughly polluted with chemical, biological, and nuclear components used by the US Military that are expected to kill, maim, and destroy in the name of freedom when freedom has nothing whatsoever to do with it, that oppressive control of the world’s people and resources is the actual agenda.

Of course, the Iraqis and Afghanis are fighting for their freedom. They are not, therefore, the terrorists. Our people under Zionist control are the terrorists, as they obey orders that are neither lawful nor honorable. They are the product of psychopaths in and controlling the US Government, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Congress.

The ignorant and/or psychopaths amongst we people support the psychopaths in government. Moreover, many of these people that have not a clue to the truth in the two slaughters mistakenly termed “wars” started by the moron in the White House and his staff of Zionist controlled psychos. These people thinking of themselves as “Americans” in heart and mind, as false as it is, ignore the truth or look at the terrible devastation of two countries’ people and property with pride, as if their favorite football team just won a big game. What idiots indoctrination by government has spawned.

However, the slaughter of innocents is no game. It is rooted in evil and will one day bite the butts of every supporter and non-supporter alike. Zionists controlling not only our government but also many others, including England’s, want all non-Jews dead or in complete servitude. They want Christianity destroyed for all time, even if it means that Jews and so-called Jews are also slaughtered right along with Christians, Muslims, and other innocents.

The truth in this has already been revealed in countries, such as the State of Israel, Canada and some nearly 60 others in which one may not even bring up Christian values or even speak your mind or think as you will. Well, you can but you risk prison for many years for doing so. It is their “hate crimes” legislation being pushed even though Talmud so-called Judaism is the most ruthless, anti-human freedom, hate-filled “law” of all time. Fanatical followers of Islam do not hold a candle to the ruthlessness of Zionist Talmudic so-called Jews.

Of course, most readers believe nothing of this but all one has to do is check out the Israeli lobbying organization, the most influential of all those in Washington. Look specifically at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Zionist so-called Jewish organization that is essentially worldwide affecting close to six to seven dozens of countries.

Read also the nearly one-third of the Talmud that is filled with hate for Jesus, defaming both him and Mary. Study the beliefs of Zionists and so-called Jews against all non-Jews (including the 11 other tribes of the Israelites), that they are beasts and not human. Then read the Q’ran, which defends Jesus as one of the world’s great prophets, the other two according to Islam being Mohammed and Moses.

Look also at the financial, weapons, and military help given Israel by the US Government, while Israel slaughters Palestinians, whether men, women, or children, and now the Lebanese people. Recently an Israeli soldier following the Hezbollah defeat of the “mighty” Israeli army said that he was used to chasing rock throwing Palestinian children, implying he was not accustomed to fighting against armed resistors the Israelis were attacking.

Here are his words (a soldier named “Oded”). “For the last six years we were engaged in stupid policing missions in the West Bank,” he said. “Checkpoints, hunting stone-throwing Palestinian children, that kind of stuff. The result was that we were not ready to confront real fighters like Hezbollah.” (Writer’s emphasis)

For the reader’s information, kids throwing rocks – their only weapons against Israeli aggressors – are shot or captured and tortured and then killed by heavily armed Israeli soldiers. Think about that, as if it is your kids being chased down and killed or tortured by law enforcement thugs for throwing rocks at tanks or whatever.

Why are our dollars supporting the slaughter of innocents? Why are we supplying the State of Israel with weapons to be used against defenseless civilians in Palestine?

Many say that America is the most powerful nation on Earth with the most powerful military. I do not believe that any more than I believe Israel has a super army. I believe the truth is that we are the most deadly country on Earth with the deadliest military, as the US in the name of America is the government that has used weapons of mass destruction regularly and with great disdain for those it attacked, from Japanese civilians in WW II to Korea, to Vietnam, to Panama, to the present attacks on Afghanis and Iraqis.

We are also great at attacking nearly defenseless countries and supporting other countries that attack nearly defenseless countries. Witness our attacks on innocent Panamanians on Christmas Eve 1989, Afghanistan, Iraq, and, of course, Israel’s continuing slaughter of Palestinians.

Notice how America does not attack Russia or China or, to this date, other militarily strong countries, such as Iran, that are able and willing to defend themselves against aggression by other countries.

This is not to say that Iran will not be attacked by Israel via its lackey, the US Government. You see, as long as Iran is a powerful Middle East country, Israel cannot spread its hate throughout the Middle East or the balance of the Muslim and Christian world, whether it has US help or not. Sadly, neither Israel nor its satellite state, the United States, can stand NOT having Zionist control throughout the Middle East and all other countries.

Here are a few truths. Israel has attacked America. Check out the attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967. You might also check out Israel’s – the Zionists of the centralized world bank – part in 9-11, as it is certain Israel knew the attack was going to occur. Prior knowledge is most indicative of pre-planning.

Zionists have used terrorism against Palestine before the political creation of the State of Israel, and since. It continues to do so right up to the present. It cares not how many it slaughters, as it knows the US Government will continue supplying it with huge amounts of money and equipment, and even that the US Government will step in to defend Israel, the Middle East’s main source of ruthless terrorism against innocent people.

The US Government attacked America on 9-11 in order to place unlawful and illegal mandates on the people, and to give a basis, however false it was, to attack two countries killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

Bin Laden nor any other terrorists, excepting those controlled by the Zionist Israel, the US Government controlled by the Zionists, and England (also controlled by the head Zionists), are America’s enemies. Our enemies are from within, so to speak, from local government slugs that imagine themselves as wannabe psychopathic tyrants to federal psychopaths hell bent on changing the world to a giant plantation ruled by the God-less Zionists and their worship of the Talmud.

The people in government are not smart or geniuses; they still carry out the same methods used for centuries by tyrannical governments taking take over control of the people. Even Nero used a false flag operation that got out of hand and Rome burned.

The morons in the current US administration are using sometimes nearly identical statements and methods used by those that put Hitler in power, another leader and country completely manipulated by Zionists. Nothing is new, as only true intellects could come up with something new, such as the existence of true leaders of men, as there once were in this land of ours. America was great then – but psychos in government have changed this land to being one filled with hate and oppression of human rights. Thank the Zionist so-called Jews for their influence in destroying America and the dream of people to live without fear in freedom.

Government rules by arms – it is that simple. Without armed and dangerous law enforcers, the writer suspects that every official from local to federal would have faced hanging or firing squads for treason, right along with the stupid no good law enforcers that use terrorism to change our freedom to servitude.

What is truly sad – and despicable – is that the clods in enforcement do not even know they commit treason with every citation or ticket against Americans exercising their rights, regardless of any falsely obtained presumed adhesion contracts that are based on fraud (deceit). What a bunch of anti-American freedom deadheads they are.

Well, People, the writer believes in truth and he believes that truth will set us free, just as Jesus stated. He also believes that the time will come when all people demand the truth and, furthermore, if not given it, heads will roll, so to speak.

It is likely that if any people read this all the way through that many – maybe most – will accuse the writer of being an anti-American, a traitor, or use some other language indicating that when one does not support the crimes of the criminals filling our “governments”, that he is not a patriot.

Of course, it is the writer’s belief that only patriots want the truth, that those that do not seek it and instead blindly support some moron and psychopath such as Bush the Demented, are just as moronic and psychopathic as Bush, the make-believe president. In other words, they are dumber than a box of rocks and are not by any stretch of the imagination patriots and lovers or supporters of human freedom.

It is only through truth and faith that we may survive what the US Government and its Zionists controllers have in mind for our people and all people of the world. The truth must out as soon as possible so that we may head off the slaughter of perhaps billions of innocents (mostly gentiles but also Jews) and the enslavement of all surviving people for perhaps many generations.

So, call the writer what you will but while you are muttering mad insane comments towards the writer seek, find, and accept the truth no matter how painful it is or how impossible you might believe it is. It is, after all is said and done, truth that is the enemy of those in government and the Zionists, as it exposes them for what they are – anti-American, anti-human freedom psychopaths.