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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spiritual healer steals $1 million, police say

Allegedly promised lottery winnings via numbers pulled from boiled eggs

Updated: 7:42 p.m. ET Feb. 10, 2006

UNION CITY, Calif. - A self-proclaimed spiritual healer bilked at least $1 million from 20 San Francisco Bay area residents then fled without fulfilling his promises to give out winning lottery numbers and heal their ailments, police said.

The man, who called himself Iqbal, ran radio ads targeting South Asian clients on Radio Humsafar. He was described by police as an Indian man in his mid-30s who limped and recited passages from the Quran during healing sessions. He also claimed to practice black magic.

Victims were told they would win $1 million in the California lottery for every $10,000 they gave him, said Lt. Jim Bizieff.

The scam involved a magic trick in which Iqbal said he would pull winning lottery numbers from boiled eggs. At least 20 people gave him between $10,000 and $200,000 each, but the scam artist never delivered any winning numbers and left his rented Union City house in January.

C.O.M.B.A.T. for Christ

WARNING!!! - Read the following missive with airline sickness bag close at hand

I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to a ministry that the Lord has laid upon our heart. Seasoned in prayer and coupled with many hours of preparation, there has evolved a training course for Christian Youth and Young Adults.

I'm sure you have dealt with the anguish of preparing your youth to conform to the image of Christ. You have fought with Hollywood and the Music Industry to gain the minds and hearts of America's youth. Many today within the Church are ready to surrender our most valuable resource (our children) to the enemy's camp. I AM NOT! God has a work for the young men and women of today. A work that depends on us to train and lead them to "fight the good fight of faith."

Our Lord has developed within my heart a burden to train these young men and women. With this in mind, I began to draw upon my training as a Pathfinder in the U.S. Army. I reasoned that the methods employed in the Armed Forces of this nation had led to many victories and freedom to all. Why could we as Christians not glean the benefits of the same?

Laid within five sections of the C.O.M.B.A.T. course: COMMITMENT... OBEDIENCE... MIND... BODY... ATTITUDE... TESTIMONY..... We have constructed hands on object lessons that will educate, enlighten, and even entertain the young men and women who complete this course.

Within this Site you will find a brief description of the course. I truly feel this course will be a highlight of the youth program at your church. The course offers intense training, affordable pricing, and Truth that will be taken home and passed on to others.

In Christ Jesus our Lord,

Bryan Mowery

"The battle is in the field"

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Secularist Stupidity & Religious Wars

Signs Editorial:
By Patrick J. Buchanan
9 Feb 06

That demagogues and agitators are exploiting those cartoons of Mohammed to advance a war of civilizations and expel Europeans from the Middle East seems undeniable.

But that does not excuse the paralyzing stupidity of that Danish paper in running those cartoons ­ or the arrogant irresponsibility of European newspapers in plastering those cartoons all over their front pages.

The storm first broke last September, when Jyllands-Posten published 12 caricatures of Mohammed, including a lampoon of the Prophet with a terrorist bomb as a turban. In the Islamic faith, any depiction of the face of Mohammed is forbidden.

The Danish paper knew this. It published the cartoons to protest "the rejection of modern, secular society" by Muslims. The cartoons were thus a defiant provocation. And they succeeded.

The Middle East responded with a boycott of Danish foods and goods. But when, in the name of press solidarity, Le Soir and Le Monde in Paris, El Pais in Madrid and Die Welt in Berlin republished the cartoons on page one, Islam exploded. For this was an in-your-face declaration by the secularist media of the European Union that it will exercise its right to insult any God, any Prophet, any faith, whenever it so chooses.

"Enough lessons from these reactionary bigots," said Serge Faubert, editor of Le Soir. "Just because the Quran bans images of Mohammed doesn't mean non-Muslims have to submit to this."

Faubert, however, is not a Danish soldier in the Shi'ite sector of Iraq. Innocents will pay the price of his heroism.

The U.S. State Department seemed to empathize with Muslim rage, stating that "inciting religious or ethnic hatred in this manner is unacceptable." But, within hours, State had retreated to neutral ground: "While we share the offense that Muslims have taken at these images, we at the same time vigorously defend the right of individuals to express points of view."

As of today the Danish consulate in Beirut has been burned, Danish embassies have been stormed, and Danes are fleeing the Middle East. Europeans are getting out of the West Bank, Gaza and Beirut, where mobs are attacking embassies and Christian churches.

Islamic countries have recalled ambassadors from Copenhagen. People have been injured and property destroyed in mob assaults as far away as Indonesia. Relations between the West and the Islamic world have been dealt another rupturing blow.

And for what? What was the purpose of this juvenile idiocy by the Europress? Is this what freedom of the press is all about ­ the freedom to insult the faith of a billion people and start a religious war?

Can Europeans be that ignorant of the power of the press to inflame when Bismarck's editing of just a few words in the Ems telegram ignited the Franco-Prussian war? Did Europeans learn nothing from the Salman Rushdie episode? Or the firestorm that gripped the Islamic world when Christian ministers in the United States called Mohammed a "terrorist"?

European governments are wringing their hands over the rage and violence unleashed, but they seem paralyzed. What is the matter? Why cannot they denounce press irresponsibility while defending press freedom? Even friends of the West like Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey have denounced these cartoons as insults to Islamic values and deeply damaging to Western interests.

British Foreign Minister Jack Straw deplored republication of the cartoons as "insensitive ... disrespectful ... wrong." But German Interior Minister Wolfgang Shauble haughtily dissented, "Here, in Europe, governments have nothing to say about which publisher publishes what."

What hypocrisy. When it comes to what Germans are most sensitive about, Hitler and the Holocaust, they are ruthless censors. British historian David Irving has spent three months in a Viennese prison awaiting trial on Feb. 20 for speeches he made 15 years ago in Austria. Skeptics and deniers of the Holocaust are prosecuted, fined and imprisoned in Europe with the enthusiastic endorsement of the European press.

Nor are we all that different. Sen. Trent Lott was ousted as majority leader for a birthday-party compliment to 100-year-old Strom Thurmond. Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker was almost lynched for saying he considers New York a social pigsty. There were demands that Rocker undergo psychiatric counseling.

We have "speech codes" in colleges and "hate crimes" laws to protect minorities from abusive remarks. But newspapers that hail these codes throw a blanket of "artistic freedom" over scatological art that degrades religious symbols ­ from putting a figure of Christ in a jar of urine to a "painting" of the Virgin Mary surrounded by female genitalia and elephant dung that hung in a Brooklyn museum.

What has happened in Europe is that the secular press, which loves to mock the beliefs and symbols of religious faith, has now insulted a deadly serious religion that answers insults with action.

Patrick J. Buchanan is co-founder and editor of The American Conservative. He is also the author of seven books, including Where the Right Went Wrong, and A Republic Not An Empire.

Commentary on the Cointelpro War

Signs Editorial:

Greetings from the Swamps of Eugnosia, Forum Friends and Passengers,

The old Magus, being of a more formal time than this era we now traverse, simply cannot countenance warping the standards of his tastes so as to pronounce upon the Good Lady's journal such an unkind name as is "blog" (which resonates upon the tongue as though 'twere describing some misbegotten amphibious creature born in a bog on a log); to describe the Signs writ large and the one who writes them there, when both be filled with Graces and Fair indeed for the readers' eyes to behold, indulge me as I quote her sage advice.

Taken from Maestra Laura's Missive, "How To Spot COINTELPRO Agents":


"How To Spot a Spy"

One way to neutralize a potential activist is to get them to be in a group that does all the wrong things. Why?

1) The message doesn't get out. 2) A lot of time is wasted 3) The activist is frustrated and discouraged 4) Nothing good is accomplished.

FBI and Police Informers and Infiltrators will infest any group and they have phony activist organizations established."


And So, Gentle Reader Friends and Forumites,

Look you back but a few Forum pages, and there will you espy the Magus did address himself a letter to another, the Good Lady Cindy of Sheehan, she who fights the BushLiars in her slain cub's name and does Noble Battle to save the cubs of all the other Mama Bears whose soldiering kinder do yet live.

'Twas in that epistle to Cindy Sheehan that the Magus described to you, and told you truly True, of the most likely theft, misdirection and futility of participation by all the millions of poor, humble, honest American citizen-prisoners in the phoniest of phony groups of a false opposition, those many well known dotted and undotted orgs. Poor, hoodwinked and desperate to be heard and seen, to have effect one at all as yet, they've invested everything they had, as yet, into what could only be a False front collection of "opposition" and "progressive" groups.

If the valuing of its sum total be rightfully placed upon the Proof of its Works, then this movement is most useful for GWB and his PTB Masters. They are benefiting enormously from the utter lack of any real and effective, organized opposition, a worldwide deficit, not just domestic.

Said covert, more than highly likely COINTELPRO operations were most timely established, in the years immediately pre-junta, by the notorious, but, so we are told to believe, oh so very repentant Mr. George of Soros, Bilderberg mogul extraordinaire.

Now, read again, what is quoted above, reposted at last for these perilous times. 'Tis from a document, a True Work, that I'd thought was long lost forever, and now, good but most painful to see, it has been returned to warn all Humanity. 'Twas written first by those of us, way back then, way back when, way back there while and after we'd first learned the hard Truths that it tells.

No, we never "quit" or "sold out" as they've sworn in all these years since. A covert, domestic COINTELPRO war took us out. At terrible costs for all of us, we fought with all we had back then. Helplessly we watched as, one by one, like pins in the bowling alley, our compañeros y compañeras began to fall. And never was there anyone or anything visible to whom we could assign even suspicion, let alone any blame.

In every community, in every human rights, civil rights, democracy advocacy, labor rights, voting rights, womens rights, gay rights and anti-war group or organization, no matter how small, peripheral or fringe, all of our Leaders, our Doers, our Thinkers, our Organizers, our Musicians and Artists and Poets, all of our greatest Lovers of Humanity, and our Trying-To-Be-Liberators of all started getting killed in random murders, suicides and fatal accidents, along about 1968 and onward. It was as though some plague were sweeping through our ranks, despite that we were young, strong and filled with determination and the highest of ideals and goals.

They began arresting us by the thousands, from 1968 onward, and especially after the launching of the "War on Drugs" against us in 1972. Any counterculture figure, from any walk of life, no matter how noble and saintly, no matter how unknown or insignificant in the overall, nationwide picture, every local "star" that shown began being suddenly arrested, charged with offenses beyond the scope of his or her imagining let alone commission, then summarily convicted for crimes done when and where they hadn't even been there. No amounts of exculpatory evidence or eyewitnesses, no airtight alibis well documented proved an obstacle to convictions and harsh sentences.

Right after the Manson and Einhorn cases had turned judges and juries against us all, from mid 1970 onward, the minimum sentence for a radical anywhere in this country seemed to have suddenly become 10 years, in maximum security, for spitting on the sidewalk, and the cops carried the vials of "spit" in their own pockets to provide all the necessary "evidence." That's what Jeff St. Clair got, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 10 years hard time for having two joints in his shirt pocket in late 1970, a charge that should have been a misdemeanor, and would have been, just a couple of short years before.

The rest of the local "stars" and the less visible but oh so key people with real dedication and the ablility to produce, by way of hard, long hours of work and more work, those who got results moving anyone or anything in a pro-human rights direction of any kind, or pro-equality, pro-organization, or anti-war, began simply, suddenly vanishing. The most common way was by "moving," to another city or another country, just leaving in the middle of the night, or over a weekend, or going home to visit the folks and never coming back.

They were suddenly gone, to places far away that had never been mentioned before, for the flimsiest excuses, leaving no forwarding addresses for friends and movement associates who'd been like family for several years. Many of them left all of their worldly belongings behind to be "forwarded." But, the three compañeros I lost that way never did contact anyone to send them their stuff. The Magus, being ever faithful, still has quite a few treasured things he'd love to give back to his long gone, lost best friends of 1970.

Many others were found dead or with their fine brains permanently burned out by overdoses of drugs they'd never been near to at all, or else by suddenly lethal potencies of drugs that they'd taken safely, off and on, or recreationally, for years before without either hard addiction or other ill effects. Janis Joplin and Jimmi Hendricks are the two best known examples, but such happened in every community of activists, especially to the "local stars" and hardest workers. By the time the final SLA group was slaughtered, burned to cinders down to the last woman and child in 1977, in the crawlspace beneath their Philadelphia safe house, the movement was gone.

Those of us left alive had been stricken by a mysterious malady of our minds. Thanks to the Good Lady Laura, to whom he is forever indebted for finally making it all make sense, the Magus now understands that we were bombarded with brain wave manipulations galore, our thoughts disrupted frequently by mind control technologies and EM bursts. Those of us who have made it back to full clarity and intellect have paid an enormous cost in damages to our bodies and health. No one I know who was in the movement then is truly healthy even now, and many are, despite their outer appearances of normality and full function of intellect, incapable of focusing their attention on topics more threatening or disturbing than whether the dog needs to go for a walk, not to this day.

There is something precious and deep that has literally been burned out of them. While they still oppose the totalitarians, they cannot organize the actions of their own lives well enough to do anything concrete, like blogging or writing to politicians, and, for some reason, they are forever meaning to do these things then failing to follow through. The only term that fits them is the walking shattered. The new diagnosis that has been created, mostly just to describe them, is "Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder". But, gentle reader firends, they had no such deficits when they worked tirelessly to free us all, way back then, way back when, when we fought tyranny as one tribe of young lions together.

To this day, the Magus has yet to have encountered other former 60s-70s activists who can, and do, clearly, sequentially and with full integration, remember precisely when and why did the action, the movement stop, as to their own active participation in it. To nearly all of us, memories of the years 1972 to 1975 through 1977 to 1980 are patchy, disjointed, "foggy." Everything is sharp before that and after that, but those 5 years are "blurry." Funny thing, even for the next 10 years after that, taking any active step to organize, speak out, campaign and oppose anything just did not, would not could not come to mind and stay there long enough to actually do anything. Not even for himself, the Magus is sad to say, was any active Work, such as resuming his lifelong esoteric studies, possible until sometime around 1990 or so.

It was as though it was simply impossible to focus on anything farther from one's self than the immediate family and a job. That was ALL we could do. Notice that even Joan Baez has just now been able to make it out of her seclusion and get semi-active again, despite her having tried to do so with the Farm Aid concerts, twice, at their very start, in the 80s, she just couldn't; she managed to do one concert and that was it, until the past couple of years. And FOR JUST HOW MANY OTHERS IS THIS TRUE? Write the list yourselves of the many musicians, artists and poets who've gone into long obscurity and decline to barely begin to now arise again.

Consider, oh please do, younger reader friends: People who were so active, so dedicated, focused and sincere as we do NOT just fade into the woodwork, from a certain year onward, never to go out and Work again. Yet, for the most part, that is exactly what has happened to all the 60s activists. When historical documentaries are on, even Woodstock, I cannot watch them. It literally plays hell with my brain to do so. It hurts like the worst kind of migraine but deeper, broader than that. Another big piece of the puzzle is that, from 1972 onward, the MSM and press coverage of ALL activism came in only 1 format: NO MENTION AT ALL unless negative. And, not coincidentally, between 1972 and 1975, first cocaine and then its evil sister, Disco, arrived. Mass mind control? Oh yeah, brain, mind, body and heart rot supreme to a relentless beat.

Then, from 1977 to 1980, the AIDS epidemic struck and was ignored completely. It was deliberately left to ravish the last remnants of the intellectual brilliance, organizational skills, drive and creative talents of a generation that had launched a powerful, nearly successful rebellion against tyranny in any form, building gratefully upon the works and with the help of the Depression era populists, the union folks and the civil rights workers who marched and worked in solidarity with us.

By 1990, almost no one was left from the radical 60s who might have been able to step up into any leadership role, or to guide and encourage the youth of the next generation. Robbed of older peers by all of this, and being told the Lies that the "irresponsible and selfish Baby Boomers all just sold out," they sadly became and called themselves "Generation X". They still do not know the Truth of what had really happened to those "Boomers" who should have been there to mentor and nurture and welcome and work with them. Anyone who might once have filled that role was gone, at least in mind, or in jail, or mental institutions, or graves.

The Lies proclaiming "the Boomers sold out" have reigned for 35 years. But Woodstock is not all that we were and did, nor does it tell the tale truly, my friends, nor fairly, nor do ought than painting the lot of us clowns. But, we were Truth's fighters, and they took us down. The Magus tells Truly because he was there, and right to this minute, old wounds bring him tears. Yet, obviously, he never quit: He IS here.

A Posteritous Admonition

"How To Spot A Spy" you must learn truly for yourselves.
I bid you do, please, now, my Friends, Mark these Facts I tell.
Police accounts and "histories" may have recorded else,
But we were naive victims of fell Liars and foul Stealth.

Be wiser. Be forewarned, then Be less gullible than we.
Be smarter and Be bolder, and then, most of all, Be Free.
Be all that you can Be, and you'll Become all that you must,
And do not put your trust in those the easiest to trust.

Bidding You Fondest Delighting in Truths and Things Real,


Conspiracy!; Conspiracy - Tales From at Home and Abroad

Press, The; Christchurch, New Zealand
By PHILP, Matt

In the internet age, conspiracy theories seem to be an accelerating phenomenon. MATT PHILP looks at the best-known, both at home and abroad.

On the afternoon of Saturday, November 23, 1963, United States Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty was passing through Christchurch on his way home from assignment in Antarctica when he picked up the Christchurch Star's "extra" edition devoted to the breaking story of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The coverage was electric, comprehensive -- way too comprehensive, in Prouty's mind, to be anything other than a CIA put- up job.

How, he asked, could a newspaper that hit the streets even before the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arraigned carry so much background about the gunman unless the bio was written up in readiness before the shooting?

Prouty kept asking, even after his "impossible" timeline was explained away. That's Prouty you see immortalised as the twitchy military deepthroat "Mr X" in Oliver Stone's film, JFK, picking up his Star at Christchurch airport, and later exhaling frosty riddles on a park bench in Washington. And thus, this good city was assured of a place for ever in a dark corner of America's murkiest conspiracy theory.

Good for Prouty. As the authors of the newly published Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories observe: "Entering the world of conspiracy theories can be as disorienting as underwater diving. But this is not the only danger: it's just as easy to be lured by their seductive intricacy."

The Rough Guide is a recitation of some of the most seductive intrigues of the past 3000 years, from the tomb of Tutankhamun to the alleged Roswell UFO crash and film footage to the idea that the Apollo Moon landing was faked.

The authors posit that in the internet age, conspiracy theories have become an accelerating global phenomenon. [...]

see link to read full article

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Would Jesus with an Uzi be amusing?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

They're just Muslim cartoons, for chrissakes.

Yet the images depicting the Prophet Muhammad in satirical light have touched off a violent war of words and deeds across the world.

The conflict pits Muslims, who consider the cartoons to be sacrilegious, against Western publishers, who point to freedom of speech.

The complex issue comes into sharper focus when seen through the eyes of one who has a foot in both worlds, someone like Lena Tuffaha of Seattle.

Tuffaha, 30, is a writer who comes from a family of Middle East writers. As a former board member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, she champions free expression.

She also is Muslim. Her curiosity prompted her to surf the Web and look at the controversial depictions. It was as if someone had punched her.

"I feel like I'm being torn apart," she says.

Tuffaha's feelings are amplified when she sees how people are screaming at each other, talking over one another and obscuring any chance of mutual understanding in the ongoing debate.

A non-conversation of noise is taking place when a constructive dialogue is needed.

Muslims feel as if their religion is under attack.

A lot of Christians don't get the fuss because they see images of Jesus and priests and angels everywhere and few think twice about it -- so long as the images don't dis. (How many cartoons have you seen showing Jesus as a Level 3 sex offender? Or toting an Uzi?)

In the Muslim world, however, just printing an image of Muhammad -- no matter how witty or artsy -- is being interpreted as heresy.

"I had no idea that some Americans did not even know this," Tuffaha says. "One guy called in a local radio show. He didn't have a clue."

Ignorance may be to blame for why some people don't get why Muslims are mad about a cartoon attack that strikes at the spiritual core of their religion.

It doesn't help matters when the Danish paper that ignited the controversy by publishing the cartoons is guilty of what seems like a double standard.

A recent article in The Guardian in London points out that three years ago the Danish paper had turned down cartoons lampooning Christ on the grounds that they could be offensive to readers and were not funny.

"I think that they will provoke an outcry," one of the Danish newspaper's editors was quoted as saying. "Therefore, I will not use them."

So, Christ is off limits.

But Muhammad? Open season for insults, folks.

Tuffaha sees the media justifying anti-Muslim cartoons as freedom of the press. It sets her off.

"Freedom of the press is the defense when you want to do something inflammatory against Muslims," she believes.

The willful ignorance of the Danish paper has sparked a flood of reactions, some of them ironic.

The free expression some in the Muslim world now lambaste is a freedom many of them don't enjoy in the countries where journalists are muzzled.

I feel too many folks across the spectrum of debate keep forgetting something simple: basic respect for other people, their faith, their centuries-long traditions.

In 2002 an American syndicated cartoonist, Doug Marlette, drew an image that showed a man in Middle Eastern dress driving a nuclear bomb-laden truck. The cartoon, headlined "What Would Mohammed Drive?" touched off vehement protests, and justifiably so.

This picture was every bit in bad taste as another cartoon: Pat Oliphant's celebration of spring at St. Paedophilia's Catholic Church depicting the Running of the Altar Boys. It showed priests with grins rushing down church steps to chase horrified boys in robes.

Beyond being distasteful and disrespectful, the current anti-Muslim cartoons are also guilty of another cardinal sin -- being patently unfunny.

For these reasons, Tuffaha and I are on the same page.

"I, Lena, a Muslim do not want the cartoons," Tuffaha explains. "I do think the issue is something worth having a conversation about."

Freedom of the press is not just what you publish. It's also what you choose not to publish.

Kill these cartoons.

Don't kill the necessary dialogue, based on mutual respect, about religions in the world.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Man Says Jesus Appeared In His Pancake

Man Selling Flapjack On eBay

UPDATED: 3:11 pm EST February 9, 2006

BEACHWOOD, Ohio -- A Beachwood man has found religion in his pancakes, Cleveland television station WEWS reported.

Mike Thompson was making pancakes last weekend for his family when the pattern on one of the flapjacks caught his eye.

Upon closer inspection, he saw what he thought was the face of Jesus. He showed his wife, and she agreed.

That's when the couple decided to do what anyone who discovers such an edible artifact does these days -- they put it up for sale on eBay.

"I think the grilled cheese sandwich sold for $28,000, and the pierogi sold for a couple of thousand, so I figured start it off on eBay for $500. It's a pretty good deal," Thompson said.

He is hoping it sells like hotcakes, but so far there have been no opening bids.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

We creep closer to a police state

Feb. 5, 2006 12:00 AM

With Samuel Alito confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, the "Police States of America" will continue to evolve unabated. The war with Iran will proceed, too.

President Bush will be given even broader powers by supporters who spread fear, not freedom. And now the Supreme Court is guaranteed to justify destructive actions should anyone complain.

It's like some giant is whittling a piece of wood, fashioning something new out of our country. Well, I've seen that shape before . . . in Berlin.

- Michael House, Phoenix

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Baptizing of America: The Religious Right's Plans for the Rest of Us

by James Rudin


You have to hand it to Rabbi James Rudin, author of "The Baptizing of America." For a man of the cloth, he has a way with sound bites. How can you not read a book that labels the fundamentalists "Christocrats"?

Rudin gets right to the heart of why the extremist religious right is so dangerous to democracy. He's direct, lacerating, and convincing.

"A specter is haunting America," Rudin writes, "and it is not socialism and certainly not communism. It is the specter of Americans kneeling in submission to a particular interpretation of a religion that has become an ideology, and all encompassing way of life. It is the specter of our nation ruled by the extreme Christian right, who would make of the United States a 'Christian Nation' where their version of God's law supersedes all human law -- including the Constitution."

"That more than any other force," Rudin concludes, "in the world today, is the immediate and profound threat to our republic."

Rudin cogently documents how the "Christocrats" want to limit our rights and freedoms, imposing a "Baptized" federal government into every aspect of our lives. Indeed, he has chapters on how the fundamentalist one-party government in America wants to impose their beliefs on us in our bedrooms, newsrooms, board rooms, work places, hospitals, libraries, courtrooms and wherever else they can become the morality police.

The confirmation of Samuel Alito is a testament to how successful the "Christocrats" have become, because they have plotted to control the umpires of the game -- and have basically succeeded. Alito is the triumphant zenith of their growing intrusive, UnConstitutional fundamentalist silent coup.

BuzzFlash has long opined on the theory that we are in a war between those who would foster the development of the United States as an evolving, embracing Constitutional democracy vs. those who would [while using propaganda to mislead the public about their intentions] restore America into a pre-Revolutionary monarchy, based on a fixed view. This fixed view is based on an extreme interpretation of Christianity and is exclusionary to other religions and individual freedoms and liberties, those which are at odds with the "frozen" static religious worldview of the "Christocrats."

Scalia, Thomas or Alito are called "Strict Constructionists" as far as the Constitution is concerned. Actually, they are activist judges who seek to remake the Constitution to reflect a literal interpretation of the Bible.

The basic conflict of the pro-democracy, pro-Constitution movement vs. the Bushevik Taliban is whether or not we are a nation based on a Constitutional guarantee of individual liberties and freedoms vs. a nation based on a pre-Revolutionary view of a fixed world order channeled through a perceived God that actually gives instructions to George W. Bush and the far right Christian mullahs, such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell -- toss in James Dobson, too -- among others.

Rudin's book provides great insight into what we are up against in fighting the Stepford religious extremists who believe that the Constitution runs a distant second to the Bible.

These radicals are unpatriotic to the core because they reject the fundamental premise of freedom, individualism, and pluralism that gave birth to the Constitution.

Their goal -- represented by Sam Alito -- is not to uphold the Constitution, but to bury it through strategic and deceptive maneuvering. And once we have crossed the Rubicon, they won't spare a dissenting soul.

Because in their worldview, if you are not saved, you are doing the work of Satan.