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Friday, April 22, 2005

Pentagon Strike video ruffles a few turkey feathers

Well, It seems the "powers that be" have gone into high gear trying to do some damage control over the Pentagon Strike video that has been making the rounds over the internet.

According to a recent entry on Catalytic Coverter, Mark Robinowitz of may be sending out mass emails to anyone who features the Pentagon Strike Video (see sidebar) on their blog. He seems to be doing this deliberately in order to quell the massive interest that this little video has been generating over the last year.

Although I personally have yet to receive this mailing from Robinowitz, I do wonder if it will show up after I post this entry.

Anyway, part of his email critique goes like this;

Stumbled upon your site -

the "Pentagon Strike" video has been debunked by many of the best
writers on 9/11 complicity issues - such as the author of the
911research site you list. [...]

Now compare this with the following BBC story that appeared on Wednesday, 20 February, 2002 which essentially states that the U.S. has been active deliberately planting propaganda and misleading stories in the international media.

Could it be that Mr. Robinowitz is a conscious agent of this American propaganda black-ops program?

What could it be about the Pentagon Strike video that has the PTB so upset that they would hire or engage the help of useful idiots to go around debunking all the sites that deal with the "no plane hit the pentagon" theory?

Perhaps it is because misleading 9/11 researchers like Robinowitz and Ruppert know that the attack on the Pentagon is the weakest link of the official verison and any serious investigation into this area suggests with a high degree of probability that 9/11 was an inside job.

Consider this interesting piece of information from an article entitled; David Beckham and Flight 77 in Paris...

Another interesting event in this timeline was the creation of a website with the domain name This site lists what it calls "Bogus 9-11 Websites" saying:

The three biggest stories used to alienate the public from 9/11 truth

1. No Planes on 9/11 (Pentagon, North Tower WTC, "pod plane" at South Tower, Pennsylvania)

2. The Jews Did It (Israel had foreknowledge and possibly played a role, but that doesn't justify anti-semitism and Holocaust Denial)

3. The Victims' Phone Calls Were Faked (a way to keep the 9/11 families and the skeptics from working together)

why are there bogus 9/11 websites? a mix of malice and incompetence, but both make real evidence harder to find

Considering the very good case for the involvement of MOSSAD in 9-11, the very good case that the victims phone calls WERE faked, not to mention what I have discovered about satellite photos on 9-11, it sure does look like the Oil Empire Website is a "plant," so to say. So I did a whois lookup. Here's what I found: [...]

The site is claimed by a Mark Rabinowitz even if it was "prepared for use" as early as February of 2003. That, in itself, is rather suspicious. Seems that this was right about the time that the Meyssan book was making a splash.

Robinowitz was posting on usenet as far back as 1994 in regards to an auto free DC. He's on a few dc.biking threads on usenet.

Rabinowitz then did some reporting for the Institute of Global Communications based in MD.

He then moved to Eugene, Oregon by the looks of things and is into permaculture. He appears to be coming from a "green" perspective. He got into the Y2K hysteria for a bit and now it appears he's onto the "Peak Oil deal" via Ruppert.

Do a Ruppert- Robinowitz search on google and you'll see what I mean in regards to the Ruppert promotion.

So it DOES look like Ruppert - who has been quoted as promoting the "no plane theory" but has now advised everybody to just "forget 9-11 and concentrate on Peak Oil" - has a strange bedfellow with Rabinowitz.


So, it seems that because of the popularity and effectiveness of the short but very important message contained in the Pentagon Strike video, the powers that be have pulled out all the stops in order to ridicule and debunk anyone who dares share this link showing that it was NOT a 757 that crashed into the Pentagon on Sept 11th, 2001.

So, if I may impart the tiniest bit of advice; please do yourself, your friends and the world a huge favour by spreading the link to the Pentagon Strike video far and wide. The more people see it, the more chance the truth will come out.

Or so it seems to me.


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