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Friday, March 04, 2005

Bastards of Jesus?

Well, it seems now that the Da Vinci Code novel by Dan Brown is all the rage, there is much speculation as to whether our Lord and Saviour possibly sired a few dozen offspring whose descendants are currently roaming around Europe somewhere.

This revelation must come as quite a shock to those hardcore fundamentlist Christians who desperately cling to the belief that Jesus, never having known the "pleasures of the flesh", was pure as the driven snow. But according to Mr, Brown, who appears to borrow heavily from sources like "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", Jesus was quite active in that regard, and having taken an early exit from this earthly stage, left Mary to raise his bastard children. Of course, if Mary and Jesus were in fact married at Canaan, as some experts believe, technically their young'uns wouldn't be bastards. But that's neither here nor there.

The point is, considering the overwhelming and inexplicable popularity of poorly-written novels like the Da Vinci Code, the powers that be in the media seem to be actively engaged in a kind of psychological experiment aimed at priming the masses for an acceptance of ideas of this sort. Perhaps they are attempting to merge the mainstream and new age religions to accept the arrival of Christ-like space brothers who will come down and save humanity before we blow ourselves all to bits.


From what I can tell, the reason why the Da Vinci Code has become the latest craze, like the Celestine Prophecy was for the new age religious crowd, is because it serves as a sort of pulp fiction that masquerades as scholarly historical and archeological research. Candy floss for the mind.

Anyway, if any readers of this blog are serious as to the true history of the man we have come know as Jesus and how esoteric clues can be found in certain works of art and architecture, they should check out the latest article by Laura Knight-Jadczyk entitled; The True Identity of Fulcanelli and The Da Vinci Code.

There may not be any scholarly American heros or buxom French babes, but for those interested in the truth behind the fluff, it is a most interesting read.



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