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Friday, January 28, 2005

Under Mars: Perfectly Normal for Yahoo Redneck God-Fearing Soldiers

This excellent essay by Kurt Nimmo speaks for itself, and as such, needs no introduction or commentary.


January 28, 2005
Kurt Nimmo

Australian expat Iraqis are apparently clueless. They are outraged by a photo gallery ( chock full of photos of dead Iraqis, blown to bloody pieces by “our” troops in Iraq, complete with tasteless and insensitive captions. “It is abhorrent to see gruesome pictures of dead bodies in Iraq posted on this offending website,” complained Australian Iraqi Forum president Dr Riadh al-Mahaidi. “It is no less cruel and sickening than web postings by terrorist groups of decapitated bodies of kidnapped victims.”

Right you are, Riadh, but, seriously, what do you expect? These guys are only doing what they were trained to do—kill people, without remorse, and then make fun of it, although I’m sure the making fun part is not included in the military training, it is simply the yahoo and redneck character of the soldiers, the same testosterone mentality of weekend deer hunters, posing with their prey, drinking beer and making stupid jokes. As part of the military dehumanization process, dead Iraqis are no different than ten point bucks stretched out proudly on car hoods. Here is a snapshot of your typical Iraqi deer hunter, drinking his favorite brew, probably relaxing after an evening of kicking in doors and terrorizing Iraqi women and children.

As disturbing and sick as photos of dead and dismembered Iraqis are, this particular photo is even more alarming—a soldier with Psalm 21 marked up on his helmet. It brings to mind the Christian nature of the occupation, as detailed by Lieutenant General William Boykin, an evangelical Christian who believes Muslims are sub-human. As Boykin told thousands of Christian Zionists on a whirlwind tour, Bush’s “war on terrorism” is a holy war against Satan and redneck yahoo soldiers are doing God’s work because the United States is a “Christian nation.” It was later discovered Boykin was connected to the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, a development that should not be surprising, since fanatical Christians have tortured and killed unbelievers and heretics for centuries. “This will be taken as proof that what happened at Abu Ghraib (prison) is evidence of a broader culture of dehumanizing Arabs and Muslims, based on the American understanding of the innate superiority of Christendom,” Chris Toensing, editor of Middle East Report, told ABC News last May.

In fact, for many Republicans in Congress, Boykin is a hero. On the Christian Coalition’s web site, Roberta Combs, in her Washington Weekly Review column (November 7, 2003), mentions a “Dear Colleague” letter, authored by Congressman Todd Tiahrt, R-KS and signed by some 16 Members of the House, entitled “Lieutenant General William Boykin: American Hero.” Combs writes: “Congressman [Todd Akin, R-MO] says regarding liberal criticism of General Boykin’s remarks in churches about radical Islamists, ‘Perhaps instead of castigating this authentic America hero, Congress should simply say, “thank you” for his service to our country.’” As for the events Mr. Akin is paying tribute to, simply reference the Under Mars web site, or take a look at the Abu Ghraib photos.

It should come as no surprise the invasion and occupation of Iraq is a Judeo-Christian Crusade against Islam, as our so-called president is supposedly a “born-again” Christian, beholden to Christian Reconstructionists who want to impose biblical law not only on America but the entire world. For more on these whacked out zealots, who weigh so heavily on Washington and the Republican Party, read Rob Boston’s Operation Potomac.

For evans and Christian Reconstructionists, mass murdering 100,000 or more Iraqis is no problem, since their Old Testament God, the same God worshipped by Zionists who kill Palestinian school children, is himself a serial murderer of “first born” children and entire races of people. “In the fundamentalist mind killing God’s enemies is not murder even if it is a child or genocide,” a letter sent to the Bristol Herald Courier notes. “The reality is that anyone who doesn’t follow their beliefs is God’s enemy.” Mass murder and genocide of Arabs and Muslims is a natural for fanatics such as Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition and a proponent of Christian Reconstructionism, who tells Americans to wake up and “see who your real enemies are” and preaches that the “Koran teaches that the end of the world will not come until every Jew is killed by Muslims.”

“At first sight, an alliance between right-wing Christian fundamentalists and right-wing Zionist fundamentalists might appear too bizarre to be true,” writes William Bowles. “But not if their long-term aims coincide as they do with the Bush and Sharon governments.” As Bowles correctly notes, the United States has consistently supported “the fascist side of Israeli colonialism” since Israel’s inception “because the creation of Israel acted as a block to Arab nationalism and of course, as long as the Arab nations remain divided, gives free access to the vast oil reserves so crucial to the US economy,” and also gives free reign to the Zionist dream of Greater Israel. “Zionism means a Jewish state in all of Eretz Israel, without Arabs,” writes Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery. “This is a historical process. Zionism always knew how to realize at every phase what could be realized at that stage. It understood the limitations of power and took at every point what it could take, without giving up its determination to achieve the rest in due course.”

But with the United States in tow, under the “leadership” of the Christian Zionist Bush and the Zionist Strausscons—who are more Zionist than Sharon and more akin to Israeli settlers in their viciousness—the “final phase” of “Eretz Israel” is now within reach, or so the Likudite-Strausscon faction, now more than ever in control of the Pentagon and Congress, believe. It is common knowledge, or it should be anyway, that Eretz Yisrael encompasses not only the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but Jordan, south-western Syria, and southern Lebanon as well. Many Israelis, however, consider this empire even larger, “from the River of Egypt to the Great River, the river Euphrates,” as the Jewish God told Abraham in the Bible. Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, “described the territory over which the Zionist movement laid claim as inclusive of all the land ‘from the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.’ The territory embraced all of Lebanon and Jordan, two thirds of Syria, one-half of Iraq, a strip of Turkey, one-half of Kuwait, one third of Saudi Arabia, the Sinai and Egypt, including Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo,” writes Ralph Schoenman.

Since Jesus cannot return, according to Bush’s evangelical supporters, until Israel dominates the Middle East, facilitating the Likudite-Strausscon plan for Word War IV, as described by the Strausscons, is of primary importance. “The US and its president are totally helpless before the Christian extremists, who put Israel’s interest first,” explains Abid Ullah Jan. “Their torch bearers, such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, believe Israeli hegemony in the Middle East represents the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy about the coming of Jesus. A prophecy, in their view, can be self-fulfilling: it is, however, their Christian duty to expedite it. These themes are the ever-increasing force behind conservative support for Bush’s war policy and the new efforts to spread the conflict to Syria, Iran, and beyond.”

Thus it is perfectly natural for a US soldier to mark up his helmet with Psalm 21, which reads in part: “Your hand will reach all your enemies; your right hand will reach your foes! At the time of your coming you will drive them into a furnace. Then the Lord’s anger will consume them, devour them with fire. Even their descendants you will wipe out from the earth, their offspring from the human race.” In other words, genocide is completely natural, even expected, in fact demanded by God.

So it is not surprising there is a web gallery of digital images glorifying the grisly murder of Iraqis, complete with sarcastic commentary. It is a natural extension of the Christian Recon-Strausscon-Likudite plan to “wipe out from the earth” all Arabs and Muslims who do not accept Greater Israel, “from the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” Remarkably, millions of Americans, who consider themselves evangelical Christians, not only buy into this homicidal madness, they believe genocide and mass murder is mandatory if the “King of Peace” is to return and they are to sit on the “right-hand side of God,” minus Arabs and Muslims, of course.


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