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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

HAARP the Herald Aliens Sing...

As our modern society slides into ever-increasing levels of chaos and madness, where the latest technological marvels include bigger and better ways to kill human beings, it seems that people are searching in greater numbers for answers as to why the planet is in such bad shape, while most signs indicate that it's all going downhill from here.

As a result of this search, it appears that more and more people are flocking away from those "old-time religions", as the fear of God no longer holds the same sway and influence as it once did. In a society where the greatest value is put own owning the latest and most expensive "stuff", there is little room in the equation for love thy neighbour or eternal damnation and hellfire.

So, what are the PTB who manufacture the control system to do when their obedient flock no longer cower before the prescence of the Almighty?

Enter the paradigm of the new time religions...

For some reason, over the centuries, humankind has been conditioned to believe in a "saviour" of some kind. A superhuman prescence who will arrive on the planet at the last minute and solve all our present day problems, or barring that whisk his "faithful followers" away while the rest of humanity is left to wallow in the cesspool they have created.

So, if it's no longer Jesus who will come to rapture up his chosen few, then it must be some kind of extra-terrestrial intervention. Benevolent aliens with sophisticated technology and vast intelligence who have the good intentions to rescue humanity from all it's self-created ills such as global warming, perpetual war and the creeping fascism of the New World Order.

I've noticed a sharp increase in the promulgation of the "aliens as our saviours" scenario on the web, as well as quite a bit of speculation by certain areas of the mainstream press that a visit by our ET brothers is bound to happen anytime soon.

The first is the promotion of Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project by certain alternative new sites, and the second, a recent report by ABC's anchorman Peter Jennings enitled; The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing.

Now whether the emergence of these two stories at this point in time is coincidental or not, I think it's important to discuss them in relation to the idea of "aliens as our saviours", and why people always tend to want some higher force to come down and rescue them, rather than taking responsibility for themselves.

It seems to me that this idea of extra-terrestrial intervention just when the planet is on the verge of climatic and economic catastrophe, is just a repackaging of the rapture myth desperately clung to by the fundamentalist Christian sect.

My own perspective, based in part on Richard Dolan's work and the research done by the Cassiopaean website, has lead me to the conclusion that our planet has been and continues to be visited by so-called "aliens", and that their agenda is anything but helpul or benevolent.

Combine this with a recent report on the HAARP array in Alaska by Laura Knight Jadczyk , and I'm getting the distinct impression that this device is being used, in part, to condition the masses of humanity to accept the "aliens as saviours" model, in spite of all lack of evidence to support it.

It seems things are heating up in a major way here on the Big Blue Marble, and the alien rapture scenario is just one more facet of a very complex puzzle designed to hide the truth from the human race that in all probability; we are not at the top of the food chain.

Now considering that HAARP can be used to to direct microwaves at specific places on the planet and shape the perceptions of most of humankind and certain susceptible individuals, it puts the following story in a whole new light...

Receiving Messages from the Virgin Mary

By: Amy Jacquin

Perryville, Missouri - There's something happening in Perryville that's attracting people from miles away. On the 13th of every month, one man says he has visions of the Virgin Mary, and that She gives him messages.

It all started about a year and a half ago, as a personal revelation for Neal Gremaud. Since then, Neal says the Virgin Mary told him to invite everyone to pray with him. And over the past year, the crowds have steadily grown.

On this nasty January morning, only true believers gather at the Grotto on the Vincentian seminary grounds in Perryville. A couple dozen people huddle in prayer... Starting at 9 a.m. And lasting more than two hours. It'd during the praying Neal says he sees and hears the Virgin Mary.

"When she appears to me, it's not as I see you or am talking to you," he tries to explain. "It's more internal. I don't really know how to explain it. When you're talking about something Heavenly, it's impossible to describe it."

It's the hope of such a heavenly visit that inspires people to come. Sometimes by the hundreds, sometimes smaller. The small January group showed devotion despite shaking with cold.

"I feel really warm inside," says Elaine Pinar of Perryville. "It's very cold... But I'm warm inside. I feel so blessed. Especially when Neal said the Blessed Mother was walking around and touching every one of us. I really felt that touch."

"I didn't care what the weather would be like, I wanted to be here," agrees Pat Fornkohl of Cape Girardeau. "I took off work to be here. I feel so blessed."

There are stories of other miraculous happenings here at the Grotto. Stories we couldn't confirm.

Neal says he received his first visit in the summer of 2003.

"I was working in the fields, on the tractor, and I smelled the scent of roses so I knew it was Her," he says. "She asked me to some out to the grotto on the 13th of every month, for 13 months."

According to Neal, she extended that time frame. And now, he has no clue what to expect from month-to-month.

"I hope that people come here and see how she works in people's lives," he says simply.

So how does She work? Why pick a Perryville farmer to spread messages of prayer, fasting and peace?

"I wondered, why me?" admits Neal. "I really don't know! All I know is, She asked me and I could not refuse."

He says the Virgin Mary has a plan for the old seminary, and wants to keep it a holy place.

"She's asking that the buildings here not be destroyed," he says. "She has a future purpose for them."

The Vincentians, however, plan to tear-down two buildings and replace it with a new residence for retired priests. Demolition prep work started just this week

"I just keep praying for all her intentions," he shrugs. "That's all I can do."

No one is getting paid for this. No money changes hands. No collection is taken.

"It's not about profit," Neal answers calmly. "It's all about calling Her people to pray."

Everyone here knows there are skeptics and non-believers. Neal knows some may call him crazy. But it's a cross he's willing to bear.

"If it were me, something I was doing personally, I couldn't do it," he says. "It's only by God's grace that I am being allowed to do this."

Neal types-up the messages and hands them out to anyone who wants them. They all center around a request to pray.

We should mention we did find a few skeptics around town, but no one wanted to talk on camera.

...Glory to the Newborn Thing.



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