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Friday, April 01, 2005

Jesus Christ Superstore


One thing it seems that fundamentalist Christians sorely lack these days is a good sense of humour, especially when it comes to satire and parody of their cherished Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. So, when a friend sent me this link to the latest in lighthearted Christ-related merchandise, I decided to take a search around the net to see what other similar sites were available.

As they say on the Jesus Christ Superstore website;

"Putting the FUN back into fundamentalism and the LAUGHTER into sectarian slaughter"

So, what better place to start than the infamous "Buddy Jesus" dashboard statue from the movie Dogma;


Then there is this picture from Threat Alert Jesus;

CHRIST IN THE KITCHEN - 11/24/2003 - Food Network, the television cooking channel, has just announced a new show aimed squarely at Christians. "Cooking with Jesus" will be hosted by the Son of God himself, and each week will feature culinary specialties from holy places around the world. In the first episode, "J" as he likes to be called, will turn plain tap water into Merlot with the help of his new Pur water filter attachment, and will show how to feed an entire family of twelve with just two loaves of bread and a fish.

If successful, the show's producers hope to run live holiday specials, a phone-in question & answer series, and are planning a number of product endorsement deals, including a set of cookware "J-Ware", which will feature a new 'miracle' non-stick coating.

If the industry buzz is right, "J" is set to become the next Emeril, and even has his own catch-phrase, "Healed!".

Some other related websites of interest;

Ask Jeez!


Cheesy Jesus


Jesus Dress Up

Jesus of the Week




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