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Monday, March 07, 2005

Peak Oil: Disinformation or Cointelpro?

Some fundamentalist Christians in the U.S. have suggested the attack on the Pentagon and the WTC on September 11th was an act of God to punish America's descent into hedonism. I am of the opinion that "God" in this case was acting through certain Israeli and American agents with foreknowledge and complicity by their respective governments, and has little to do with conservative social values. While not all 9/11 researchers see it as an inside job, there seem to be A LOT of websites devoted to investigating and uncovering the many lies of 9/11. But like most popular movements, there will be much co-opting, diverting and deliberate disinformation. So, keeping "God" in mind, what better place to discuss the nature of lies and disinfo in the 9/11 truth movement than here on the Dogma Alert blog.

One curious thread running through the 9/11 truth movement is that it seems to be dividing into two camps; those who doubt the "official version" that it really was a Boeing 757 that crashed into the Pentagon, and those who support that particular event, while being critical of other areas. Many seem well-financed and quite vocal in their conclusions. Others tend to use debunking and ridicule to prop up their specious arguments.

Daniel Hopsicker of Mad Cow Morning News is one of the most probable Cointelpro agents in the latter camp, who has said anyone who dares question the authenticity of the Boeing claims must be government disinfo artists. What a truly Machiavellian double reverse psychology trick coming from the mouth a very probable disinformation artist himself. Michael Rupert of From the Wilderness is heavily pushing the "peak oil" agenda, seems to advocate some kind of voluntary euthansia program to depopulate the earth to more managable levels. While Ruppert agrees that "no plane hit the Pentagon", he diverts attention away with broad legalistic arguments based on wishful thinking that the govenrnment will one day be found guilty and all will then be right with the world.

The Strike against the Pentagon is perhaps the most important aspect of the September 11th attacks becuase it is here that the official story breaks down entirely. The "shock" of understanding the deception of this one event may be all that is needed for some people to open up to the idea that entire official version is a lie. There is so much evidence available to the serious researcher to suggest that it was either a missile or unmanned drone that hit the Pentagon that any researcher who says differently is either highly gullible or very likely a government agent. Seeing that two highly intelligent men like Ruppert and Hopsicker are using different methods to draw attention away from the truth leaves little doubt as to which category they fall under.

Ruppert uses the chimera of peak oil to avoid dealing with Israeli and U.S. government complicity in the 9/11 attacks, whereas Hopsicker seems bent on using the Mohammed Atta/Saudi connection in Florida as his way co-opting the movement.

Please the the Dossier 9-11 and beyond for more information in this controversial but highly important topic.



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